Fall Session MVP Tournament Single Elimination

The Fall Session MVP tournament will be held at Draw Billiard Room on Saturday February 8thDraw Billiard Room is located at 64 Shattuck Berkeley Ca 94704.

Each tier in the MVP program will have its own tournament, with each tournament being played at a different time, as follows:

 9-Ball, High Red tier (skill Level 6-9)                    Saturday, February 8th @12 PM
 8-Ball, Low Green tier (skill level 1-3)                  Saturday, February 8th @ 12 PM
 8-Ball, middle Blue tier (skill level 4-5)                Saturday, February 8th @12 PM
 9-Ball, low Green tier (skill level 1-3)                  Saturday, February 8th @ 3 PM
 9-Ball, middle Blue tier (skill level 4-5)               Saturday, February 8th @ 3 PM
 8-Ball, high Red tier (skill level 6-7)                    Saturday, February 8th@ 6 PM

The top 10 eligible players from each tier on the MVP List, will be invited to this tournament, where entry is free and the top finishers receive trophies and vouchers for singles qualifiers!

Preliminary fields for the Summer Session MVP Tournaments are posted below.  Keep in mind that the fields are PRELIMINARY, meaning skill level changes could affect the tier in which these players play (but not who actually gets invited - once you're on the list, you get to play, even if your tier changes).   

If you expect to see your or a friend's name in one of the lists below but do not, it is probably because that player was not eligible for the MVP tournament. A player must have ten actual match scores on his/her player record in a particular format prior to the beginning of the session to be eligible for the MVP tournament that session!


These players have won MVP for their tier in the respective divisions